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I'm the newly-appointed Future editor at Business 2.0 and the former San Francisco correspondent for Time Magazine.

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An experiment for a column I wrote about blogging back in December 2001. All these years later, I haven't been able to kick the habit.

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Yes -- the Future Boy blog for Business 2.0. And yes. If you want true, editorially-mandated daily coverage from me, that's probably the best place to look.

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Daily Blah for... Friday, May 08, 2009

I Think, Therefore I Twitter
A researcher in Wisconsin has been able to send a tweet using nothing but his thoughts, and a skullcap full of electrodes. (It was all external brain-pattern reading -- no nasty cerebral implants required.) Can the first blog by word of thought be far behind? We'd better get training an extra private inside voice, one that won't give away our innermost thoughts to every electrode that happens to be passing by.

You should get a Twitter, Chris.
Is it me..or is there too much twittering! What ever happened to solid well though out tips, advise, musings?? Why would I want to know what you had for breakfast!##

Do yourself a favour... and read a book.. or go entertain yourself!
London Escorts
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